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One of the best investments you can give your property is through metal roofing. Metal roofing provides several benefits to any property. If you are interested in installing a metal roofing system for your property, let the professionals from Harrisonville Metal Roofing help you.

We are a leading metal roofing company offering state-of-the-art residential and commercial roofing services throughout Garden City, Missouri, and the surrounding cities. When you need residential, commercial, or standing seam metal roofing, we can handle them all.

At Harrisonville Metal Roofing, we are committed to providing complete metal roofing services to address the needs of our customers. Our quality metal roofing solutions will provide you with a strong and durable roof to enhance the look of your property. You can count on our roofing contractors to provide the best roofing services you can depend on.

Benefits and Advantages of Metal Roofing

There are several reasons to choose metal roofing over other materials, such as asphalt shingles, tiles, or concrete. Below are some of the most common benefits offered by metal roofing.


Metal roofing is specifically engineered to last decades longer than any other roofing material. A lot of consumers decide to purchase a metal roof because it will be the last roof that they ever have to put on their property. Depending on the type of material used, most material roofs last sixty years or more without any signs of degradation or corrosion.


When comparing different materials, like wood, concrete, metal, plastic, or glass, metal easily stands out as the strongest and most durable. When properly installed, metal roofing is designed to withstand:

  • Strong winds
  • Debris (leaves, sticks, etc.)
  • Rain 
  • Snow
  • Hail 
  • Mold
  • Mildew
  • Rodents and other animals

Furthermore, metal roofing materials are often Class A fire-rated and noncombustible, meaning their fire resistance is the highest grade possible. This durability against common roofing threats is one of the primary reasons why metal roofing is popular.


The level of upkeep needed to maintain a metal roof is minimal, especially if the roof was correctly installed. The only maintenance it needs is looking for leaves, branches, and other debris that could get stuck on the roof, and in the gutters. 

If dirt or other stains do not come off with rain, there are other methods to clean your metal roof. Furthermore, a concealed fastener roof will generally have less upkeep than an exposed fastener metal roof.


There are many reasons why metal roofing is environmentally friendly. First, most metals are highly recyclable, meaning that any tear-off metal, old panels, or even manufactured excess scraps can be recycled and used in future products. 

These materials can either come as pre-consumer or post-consumer recycled contents:

  • Pre-consumer recycled materials- scrap content during the manufacturing stage that has been recycled for future use
  • Post-consumer recycled materials- excess materials that have already been in the possession of a consumer at one point in time and have been recycled for reuse.

Second, there are even some metal roofing materials, such as aluminum, that are made of already-recycled metal. Nearly 95% of all aluminum roofing is made up of recycled materials.

Third, several metals, such as zinc and copper, are found in the environment, which means they can be naturally replenished and sustained over time.

Lower Cost in the Long Run

While metal roofs are more expensive upfront as a one-time cost versus the cost of asphalt shingles or tiles. However, as mentioned above, metal roofing can last at least 60 years, while asphalt shingles last anywhere from 15 to 20 years. One metal roof can easily outlast at least three asphalt shingle roofs.


One of the best things about owning a metal roof is the variety of warranty options offered by metal manufacturers or suppliers. Two of the most common are weathertight warranties, which cover leaks in the roofing system and paint warranties, which cover certain levels of degradation of the paint system that is applied to the metal substrate.

Warranties can vary depending on where you live, the climate the roof will be exposed to, the type of roofing material used, and the type of paint system used on the coil. Make sure to read the warranty documents thoroughly ahead of time and ask questions before buying.

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