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Metal roofing is well-suited to withstand the changing climate conditions in Missouri. It comes in various profiles, colors, and finishes, which makes it a good choice for both commercial and residential applications. If you are looking for a reliable metal roofing company, Harrisonville Metal Roofing can help.

We are the industry experts when it comes to metal roofing. We proudly serve all properties throughout Harrisonville, Missouri, Peculiar, Missouri, Pleasant Hill, Missouri, Lone Jack, Missouri, Garden City, Missouri, and Greenwood Missouri.

When it comes to versatility, metal roofs provide more options than any other roofing material. Among the many options available is aluminum roofing. This roofing type is usually preferred because it is lightweight and corrosion-resistant. As durable as other metal roofs, it will fit almost any roof. 

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    The Benefits of Aluminum Roofing

    Aluminum is the most lightweight roofing material available on the market. However, it is still very durable.

    The strength to weight ratio is actually higher for aluminum than other types of metals used for roofing. This means you get the same amount of strength or more without using a heavy material that’s harder to work during installation.

    An aluminum roof provides easy maintenance, a long lifespan, and comes in several colors. It is mainly used for architectural roofing and not structural roofing.


    Aluminum does not rust. Due to this characteristic, it’s an ideal material for climates with heavy rainfall and coastal applications. The sea salt spray from the water will not affect the aluminum substrate, whereas it would make a steel roof rust rather quickly.


    Aluminum is the lightest roofing material. A lightweight roof is beneficial because it puts less stress on your home structure as opposed to heavier materials.


    Aluminum is malleable that can be easily configured into several profiles. This gives you several designs to choose from.

    High-Quality Aluminum Roofing Services

    Harrisonville Metal Roofing provides high-quality metal roof installation services to property owners in Harrisonville, Missouri. 

    Experienced Technicians

    Our roofing technicians have years of experience under their belts. You can rest easy knowing that whatever type of roof you have, will be replaced or repaired by professionals.

    Efficient Services

    Our team is easy to work with. You can trust us for any service concerns you have, and we’ll do our best to address them. We also finish the project on time, so you can go back to your normal daily routine.

    High-Quality Craftsmanship

    Our roofing contractors execute a clean, precise installation. We follow the highest standards when it comes to safety and make sure our work won’t get in the way of your daily routine as much as possible.

    Why Metal Roofing is a Good Investment

    A brand-new roof is one of the best investments you can make in your property. Not only does a new roof protect your property against weather elements, but it can also boost its curb appeal and resale value.

    When you consider the material you want, you’re not limited to the typical asphalt shingle roofs that you can see on almost every home. When it comes to durability and longevity, few materials match up to metal.

    The metal roofing systems we provide have several styles and colors to match nearly any type of property. These roofs have plenty of benefits compared to other roofing materials.

    Better Longevity

    Every roofing system has a finite lifespan. However, some materials are better suited to withstand the test of time. A well-kept asphalt roof using the best materials can last for 40 years or more.

    Metal roofs offer a significantly longer service life compared to asphalt shingles. You can expect your metal roof panels to last up to 70 years under normal circumstances. With the right amount of care and maintenance, your new metal roof can last for the entire life of your home.

    Lighter Weight

    Most things made from metal tend to be on the heavy side, so the idea of cladding an entire roof in metal panels may sound strange. In fact, a common worry among many homeowners is that a metal roof would be too heavy for their home to safely support. However, metal roof panels are much lighter than you’d expect them to be.

    The weight of an ordinary metal roof can vary depending on the type of metal used and the thickness or gauge of the panel. Metal roof panels weigh an average of 1.5 pounds per square foot. In contrast, an asphalt shingle roof can weigh anywhere from 2 to 4 pounds per square foot.

    Reduced Maintenance

    All roofs need regular maintenance. However, some roofs need more often than others. Several types of damage can happen to an asphalt roof. For instance, individual shingles can curl up, lose their granules, and eventually crumble apart.

    On the other hand, a metal roof suffers fewer issues and requires less maintenance. It is also easy to care for. You only need to look out for corrosion and paint wear, and you can keep your metal roof in great shape.

    Increased Resale Value

    The installation of a metal roof can do more than just protect your property. Your new metal roof can also increase your property’s resale value. A metal roof may cost more than a comparable asphalt roof, but you can recoup the installation cost when you decide to sell your home.

    Reduced Energy Costs

    Asphalt roofs are known for absorbing heat. On a typical summer day, the extra heat can cause your HVAC system to work harder, resulting in wasted energy and a higher electricity bill. Metal roofs reflect heat away from your home instead of absorbing it. 

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