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Metal roofing is a logical investment if you want to protect your property. It is the ideal roof for many residential and commercial properties. If you need a reliable metal roofing company, Harrisonville Metal Roofing can help.

We proudly serve all properties throughout Harrisonville, Missouri, Peculiar, Missouri, Pleasant Hill, Missouri, Lone Jack, Missouri, Garden City, Missouri, and Greenwood Missouri. Our roofing contractors are the best in the industry. We are licensed, insured, and bonded for your protection and peace of mind.

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    What are the Types of Metal Roofing Materials?

    Below are some of the different types of metal roofing materials that we offer at Harrisonville Metal Roofing.

    Aluminum Roofing

    This roofing is lightweight, does not corrode, and compatible with coastal environments.

    Copper Roofing

    This roofing system is a very long-lasting roof that will develop a protective layer and change color. It is the most expensive roofing material.

    Metal or Steel

    This roof is the most common type of metal roofing available in different finishes.

    Benefits of the Different Metal Roofing Materials

    Aluminum Roofing

    Aluminum is the most lightweight roofing material available on the market. However, it is still very durable.

    The strength to weight ratio is higher for aluminum than other types of metals used for roofing. This means you get the same amount of strength or more without using a heavy material that’s harder to work during installation.

    An aluminum roof provides easy maintenance, a long lifespan, and comes in several colors. It is mainly used for architectural roofing and not structural roofing.


    Aluminum does not rust. Due to this characteristic, it’s an ideal material for climates with heavy rainfall and coastal applications. The sea salt spray from the water will not affect the aluminum substrate, whereas it would make a steel roof rust rather quickly.


    Aluminum is the lightest roofing material. A lightweight roof is beneficial because it puts less stress on your home structure as opposed to heavier materials.


    Aluminum is malleable that can be easily configured into several profiles. This gives you several designs to choose from.

    Copper Roofing

    Copper roofing is known for its incredibly striking and unique appearance. Copper will change color over time, going from looking like a new penny like copper to a blue-green or brown patina. The patina will vary depending upon the climate that it’s exposed to.


    One of the main reasons people choose copper is for its striking and diverse appearance. It changes color over time when patinas and natural variations in color from this process make the look of each copper roof unique.

    Long Lifespan

    Copper roofing will outlast almost any other type of roofing. You can expect your copper roof to last for 60 to 100 years or more since copper has been known to last hundreds of years. 

    Steel Roofing

    Steel is an alloy, made from iron and other elements. It has been commonly used on commercial property for years but now has been gaining popularity for use on residential homes as well.

    Below are some of the advantages of metal roofing.

    Low Maintenance

    Once metal roofing is installed, the maintenance is minimal. Metal roofing performs best when you remove any leaves, branches, and debris from the roof. You should also keep debris from accumulating in gutters and on the roof itself since that can lead to corrosion problems in the future.

    Fire- and Rot-Resistant

    You will not encounter rot or mildew problems with metal roofing. This roofing is not also susceptible to termite or rodent infestation. 

    When installed correctly, metal roofing has the best fire rating available, making it ideal for areas that are prone to wildfires.

    Signs You Need a New Metal Roof

    Metal roofs are durable. However, they do not last forever. That’s why you need to learn about the signs of a deteriorated metal roof. After all, knowing the signs will help you determine when it is time to replace your metal roof.

    Below are some of the biggest warning signs you should look for.

    Age of Your Roof

    New metal roofs can last up to 50 years. With regular roof repairs, you can keep the aluminum or steel panels on your housetop for decades. But, eventually, even the most durable sheets will need to be replaced. If your metal roofing insulation or panels are too old, it’s time to replace your metal roof.

    Visible Rust & Deterioration of Metal Panels

    Rust is the reddish-brown coating that forms on exposed metal when moisture mixes with the air’s oxygen. For metal roofs, the formation of rust is a clear indicator that it is time to replace your roof. Although the panels are covered with a protective coating to reduce the formation of rust, it only lasts so long. Weather and other factors can cause erosion of the protective paint.

    Aluminum and metal panels are highly durable, but they are not completely impenetrable. Natural and unnatural disasters like wind, storms, snow, and human interference can cause the deterioration of the panels. If your metal roof damage is too severe, deterioration of the panels will start to cause problems to the interior and exterior of your building.

    Loose Metal Roof Panels

    Age, weather, and other factors can cause metal panels to loosen over time. Once this happens, the panels often cannot be resealed onto the roof. Loose panels cannot protect your building from water or other harmful agents. If too many panels are loosening, it is time to look at metal roof replacement options.

    Interior Damage from Leaks

    If you start noticing damage to the interior of your business, it is time to replace the roof. Metal roof panels are superior protectors and insulators, but if they are no longer protecting your property from external elements, they will quickly show inside your building. Water can get in and damage the walls and ceiling, causing mold and other foundation issues.

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